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Jos was still pinned to the wall and Rok watched as he spun around him, clenching his stomach. Rok could not feel force pull at him as the tube weaved and turned, lurching up, down and side to side. He slowly began releasing his fingers and he could feel the orb slowly try and pull him back to its sides. As long as he kept his hands to his orb, he would stay in the center of the globe and the force that pulled steering wheel lock at him, like an open grave begging for a new body, would stay at bay. Jos started making noises that resembled the scared whimpers of a little girl, and it made Rok smile for the first time that day. The orb continued to spin around him as he passed other planets. The beauty and design of them was astounding up close. He had always seen pictures of them and the things that NASA releases, but he never thought he would get to see such glorious creations up close. He watched in awe steering wheel lock as the orb came within miles of the planet Neptune and in looking at the stunning blue surface he remembered what Jakoba had said about life on other planets. He wondered to himself, as he soared by, what the other life looked like.

He wondered if they were other humans or if they were more similar to the aliens portrayed in movies and on the TV screen on earth. The thoughts traveled through his head as he looked over and realized that Jos was now unconscious. Rok found the trip somewhat soothing and was happy to see his opponent asleep. He took the time as he blasted passed stars and comets to reflect on the day and was coming to terms with the fact that this may be his new life. He was starting to accept who he was and what he was to do but he was still having a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that he was someone from another planet with great power and was even the son of a royal king. As he thought about the events of the day, the orb around him suddenly slowed and as it pulled around the orbit of Pluto, Rok’s eyes took in the beauty of another planet. It was a lush green color with the obvious vein lines of rivers and lakes that paved their way through the planet’s surface. It was a sight he had never thought he would see; something so beautiful, and strangely he felt an immediate connection to it. The orb approached the planet and began to slow as Rok was taking in the beauty steering wheel lock around him. The vessel approached the surface and continents began appear. As they got closer it cruised through forests of deep lush pines and over lakes of pristine clarity. On the horizon, the silhouettes of buildings came into view and a large castle stretched out of the side of a mountain attempting to kiss the sun.

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He then wondered if this was his kingdom. His mind switched from shock about the day’s events, to asking himself what he had done to deserve such a beautiful calling, if this was a dream he no longer wanted to wake up. The orb finally came to an open field and stopped. It hovered a few feet above the thick, green grass. As it stopped, the solid invisible walls began to fade. The circular vessel that had carried him from earth was retracting and before he knew it, the bubble disappeared back into the sapphire at the top of his staff.

With his palm still on the blue gem he slowly floated to the ground while his comatose enemy fell limply from the side of the disappearing wall and slammed into the field face first. Rok’s feet touched ground and he immediately began to look around. The sky above him was shrouded in dark clouds steering wheel lock and he could smell the bittersweet smell of heavy rain that he loved. The grass, the forests, and even the blue sky that peaked through the holes in the clouds were so very similar to earth. It was like he never left, but the connection he had here was different. It was amazing. He could feel each individual blade of grass sway in the cool, moisture ridden steering wheel lock air and he could sense living creatures that were in the vicinity. In his mind’s eye he even sensed a family of some type of bird that was nesting in the nearby trees. Edin. He thought to himself. He searched around the vast surface. Everything seemed so foreign, but also familiar. Like the earliest childhood memories that suddenly come flooding back as an adult. He knew, instantly, that he belonged here and in some strange way he was so happy to be home, on a planet that he had no recollection of.

He began to walk and the way the grass felt between his toes made him feel as if he was on air. He looked down to gage just how thick the grass was and realized he was still in his hospital gown. It was closed and tied but with the breeze and the large opening that made the gown look more like a dress. It allowed in more air than he was comfortable with. He was fidgeting with his toes and smiling at the feeling of moist, soft grass beneath his feet, when from a few yards away he heard a cough. He looked up to see that Jos had awakened and he clenched hard on to his staff. He was suddenly pulled from a feeling of knowing and the comfortable knowledge of belonging, to his stomach turning and adrenaline refilling his veins. He was going to have to end this fight for good. Jos stood for a moment and his eyes met Rok’s. Blood dripped from his mouth and he breathed hard for a second trying to catch his bearings, Rok thought that his disoriented enemy might lose his composure.


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